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  • Howdy, Learners!Welcome to Youknow-how (YKH) – A community of learners who just want to learn something new every time. These are Learners who are living an internet lifestyle or are currently moving in that direction.

    Here is what you will find on Youknow-how:


    • This Website is not Limited to Tech, How to, Travel, Finance, or Any Other kind of Blogging or Seo.
    • You will learn Which is best and useful site on Internet Such as (Best Mp3 Songs Website For Streaming, Hd Movies Downloading Sites) like that.
    • Know Business Tips Or Online Methods to increase sales.
    • Lead Generation Methods Thought Fb or Adworld.


    Why I Created YouKnow-How

    I bought the domain Youknow-how.com on 24st, September 2017 By using My 1st debit card thought GoDaddy. And create a How to Site and I worked at latest 3 Months and I got 300 to 400 visitor from google daily, But I want more traffic so I deleted this blog and jump to a crack site.

    After creating a Crack site I got tons of traffic but it’s for short time, when I get Some DMCA Notice My SERP Got Drop Here Is Screenshot.


    I Decided for deleting this crack site and create a pro blog where I am going to share some useful knowledge.

    The biggest reason for creating Youknow-how That I want to learn something new every day, and want to share it with everyone.

    Rather then this reason there is some small other reasons behind it. Here is some Earning money, acquiring a new skill, Helping others and much more!


    Men Behind Youknow-how:  Shubham Gupta (That’s Me)


    I’m a really simple guy who loves to Learn New Things and inspires Other.

    I started blogging in 2015 at Blogspot and after 6 months I moved my first blog EduinHindi.com in WordPress.

    EduinHindi is A Blog That I Created for sharing my computer fundamentals and Coding Knowledge to Everyones.

    I found blogging to be a great medium for sharing my Knowledge with the world so one’s More I am coming to rock the world.

    If You Want To Contact Me.

    • By email: shubhamkworld@gmail.com
    • By visiting this page on our website: Contact Me