7 Websites For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

7 Cool sites For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018:- Do you know the internet offers a lot of things & among them is free music service? You can find many of websites that offer you free downloadable stream-able music.

So if you are looking for an mp3 song to download safely and free of cost Of Corse, we have hand-picked the best 5 websites for mp3 songs to download free for you.


A Question comes in mind why we need to download music when we stream it Online. Well, streaming online music is really cool but it takes your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection what do you do when your mobile network or Wi-Fi connection is down. That’s why we need offline music and the main part of this article is the best 10 websites to download mp3 song free (without spending a single penny).

Here is some premium music streaming services try it if you want they will provide you with free trials for listening and downloading songs.

Amazon Prime Music

Apple Music


Now let’s back to our free solutions, So this is the list of best sources where you can find an unlimited number of mp3 songs to download free for mobile 2018 without any cost.


Overview: Best Websites For Mp3 Song To Download Online


MP3 Song Download Site Songs Downloadable Website Rank
SoundCloud Yes 112
Savan Yes 2723
AmazonMusic Yes 11
Gaana.com Yes 935
ReverBnation Yes 10837
SoundClick Yes 42991
Last.fm Yes 1691
Archive.org Yes 270
pagalworld Yes 5725
Datpiff.com Yes 14273

Here Is some more list;

Sound Cloud



SoundCloud For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

SoundCloud is one of the most popular mp3 songs sites that lets you stream unlimited mp3 songs & download music for free. In fact, it is one of the most famous sites in the world where you can get the best mp3 song to download without paying.

SongCloud is legal and in this community content uploaded by independent artists and even famous musicians.

There is a section of the site blessed to tracks issued under Creative Commons licenses, which means you’re free to download any mp3 song, remix, or squeeze them as much as you want.

However, not all the mp3 songs at SoundCloud is really free, and some of them even require you to perform such a task for example “like a fb page”  To appear download button.

Click Here To Go To SoundCloud


Amazon Music

Amazon Music For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018



Amazon Music Service offers millions of free mp3 song to downloads, They also have a free music downloading section that is every day being updated.

But you know amazon’s selection is actually pretty amazing, & features from newer releases from a lot of artiste & really big name musicians.

And also for you classical lovers, but there’s also a ton of meditation, workout, & even focus-oriented mp3 song to download.

Why are they trying to do, to make their service excellent?

The answer is pretty simple: they really want you to try out their more involved music streaming downloading service.  Or, just pick up an Amazon Prime account.


Click Here To Go To Amazon Music





Soundclick For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

SoundClick is the place where you can download music directly from artist websites without any problem.

There are many artists & musicians on this site they are offering their  mp3 song to download free (without any cost).

After you have signed up on the website. You are going to explore the huge collection of mp3 songs to stream or download online.

One more thing about SoundClick; they do offer a mix of paid & free version of content.  The reason is pretty simple there are some artists prefer to charge for their mp3 songs to downloads, while some want to give it away for free of cost.


Click Here To Go To SoundClick


Internet Archive



Internet archive For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

Internet Archive audio section provides you tons of free mp3 song to download including audiobooks, podcasts, radio programs, and live music. This is an audio library that contains over 2 million digital audio files.

This website gives you filters such as most viewed, media type, topics & subjects, by using these filters music lovers can sort the audio tracks according to years of publishing or creator or their own language.

I have just tried this site and it’s really amazing, it has all kind songs even global ones.

As on this site, you can download any kind of individual track or collection an independent artist uploads to the website, if, in turn, you freely supply them with your email address and postal code (Zip Code).

The premium promotion stage additionally urges you to get the message out about specialists you like, by means of FB & Twitter, while giving you the option to rapidly tip the craftsman a suggested $4 donation.


Click Here To Go To Archive.org





Jamendo Music For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

Jamendo.com is easily one of the biggest repositories of free music on the online. The website penchant for lesser-known experts artist & experimental tracking makes it more fit for someone with an open mindset, than one who knows exactly what they want.

Sure You won’t find all of your favorite music artists here.

But the Website streamlined user interface makes it excellent for browsing & finding talented new composers.

In simple language; jamendo.com is the site where people’s share there mp3 song free for commercial use.


Click Here To Go To Jamendo.com





Gaana.com For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

Gaana.com is the most famous website in India with the very much user-friendly dashboard.

When you open his home page you could discover radio, my music options and just scroll down and it shows top charts like top 50 Bollywood songs or top 500 international like that.

It also shows new releases, trending songs on the website, editors pick and more.

If you want to listen to the music of other artists or other languages you can use the search bar.


Click Here To Go To Gaana.com





Last.fm For Mp3 Song To Download Free For Mobile 2018

Last.fm has every download is available in just one click (it’s easy to process to download any song) without a user account. You can browse easily by selecting free download in the category section.

However, a free mp3 song to download in 2018, even you can also stream thousands of mp3 songs.


Click Here To Go To Gaana.com





There is 1000’s of other sites are available to stream & download mp3 songs online, But these all site that I mansion in this article is safe to use (virus free).

I bet you are definitely like all of these sites! But I want to know which site do you like the most, let me know through your comment.

I am going to continue to find the best mp3 song to download & streaming sites to keep this article up to date.

If you need any help related to this article please feel free to contact me.



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