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Overview: Top 16 Best funny comedy movies in Bollywood


S.NO Movie Name
#1. Dhamaal
#2. Munna Bhai MBBS.
#3. Lage Raho Munna Bhai
#4. Andaaz Apna Apna
#5. No Entry
#6. Shing is King
#7. Dhol
#8. Kis kis ko pyar karoon
#9. Welcome
#10. Dulhe Raja
#11. Golmaal
#12. Deewana Mastana
#13. 3 idiots
#14. Coolie No. 1
#15. Akhiyon Se Goli Mare
#16. PK





Top 16 funny comedy Movies in Bollywood To Watch

Director:    Indra Kumar

This is a remake of a Hollywood comedy movie and it is the best funny comedy movie to watch. It grossed close to 50 crore rupees and also got positive reviews across various cinema houses.

“Four lazy slacker conmen buddies who are jobless, homeless & broke learn about the secret of a hidden treasure from a dying thief.  It’s a 40% copy of “It’s a mad mad mad mad world”, 20% of other movies. Rest 40% is original, I think.

One more thing though copy, movie has some nice comic series of its own.

The best part, I believe that was none of the actors over-acted and performed their act are quite well.

My favorite, Javed Jaffrey stands out as the best of the lot, I think His performance, was brilliant.

Aashish Chowdhry has improved As well as Ritesh performs goes improve.  Sanjay Dutt is was OK & when it cameos by some TV artists are great as well.


Another bad thing is that some scenes are the xerox copy of the originals. Bollywood needs to trust its capability.

Overall Movie is really good for entertainment purpose  This Movie Overall Rating 8/10 from me.


Munna Bhai MBBS



Top 16 funny comedy Movies in Bollywood To Watch

Director:  Rajkumar Hirani

I think it is the best funny comedy movie in 2003. Munna Bhai MBBS is a non-stop laugh riot! Sanju gives another mind-blowing performance.

I saw This Bollywood movie because of Sunju Baba. He has always been great in comedy, & his movies make you laugh without having to take any help of double meaning dialogues.

I Think it is a Great Movie!

I even can’t mention any point against it. Everything was simply superb. If we talk about acting! Even sanju acted far better than the lead-actors of other Indian movies.

It is my favorite movie with emotions & comedy have been integrated perfectly, You should definitely watch this movie.

Overall Movie is really good for entertainment purpose  This Movie Overall Rating 9/10 from me.


Lage Raho Munna Bhai




Lage Rho Munna Bhai Screenshot

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Lage Raho Munna Bhai is one the Best movie that refreshed me a lot, it’s A really decent and hilarious comedy through-out, you can watch this movie with your family & I realize that outstanding funny comedy can be created even without vulgarity.

Sanju Baba is undoubtedly the most lovable Bollywood bhaai, he is bit old now but still going very strong & even Circuit has come up with his magic yet again, this guy’s timing of dialogues is just perfect.

Very strong message delivered by sanju, it is just awesome after watching this movie Everybody is going to respect Mahatma even more.

Arshad once again does a great job in Lage raho Munna Bhai.

This movie is a perfect mixture of Funny Comedy, Drama that deliverers a Moral for today’s society.

Movie Overall Rating 10/10 from me.


Andaaz Apna Apna




Andaaz Apna Apna Best Funny Comedy Movie

Director:  Rajkumar Santoshi

This is one of my favorite Movie in this list. There have been very few great funny comedy movies in the history of Hindi Cinema.

Andaz Apna Apna is one of them. This movie is based on a very simple story of two poor young men (Salman & Aamir Khan) who dreams of becoming rich by marrying a millionaire’s daughter (Raveena).

Andaaz Apna Apna is the best funny comedy comic movie of the decade. You can’t stop laughing during the movie (first to last seen).

I don’t mind seeing at any time. This movie is marvelous and according to me.

This movie has Crime Master Gogo (Gogo is an innocent character performed By Sakti Kapoor who belongs to a well-reputed family of Mogambo).

Andaz Apna Apna is also a drama with many negative & positive characters and teach us a lot about life and his values and ethics.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 from me when it comes in a comedy movie.


No Entry



No Entry Movie Screenshot

Director: Anees Bazmee

No Entry is, without Doubt, The Funny Comedy Movie of the 2006. After a Long time, Anil Kapoor has given us a Great Movie with a very funniest role.

No entry is one of the Best Indian Comedy I ever Watched.  Salman Khan’s role is really short but it was pretty well defined. The climax is probably the funniest climax in Bollywood history.

Every actors and actress did a great job in this movie, Overall Movie is really enjoyable and keeps you laughing.

All Funny Comedy fans must watch this Film. You don’t Even need to know the language to enjoy this Awesome Hindi Bollywood Movie.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 from me when it comes in a comedy movie.


Shing is King



Singh is king Funny Movie Screenshot

Director: Anees Bazmee

Did you know this movie lived up to its heights? This movie has everything, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Drama, Even Romance….. Shing is King is not for those critics & those who want to judge every small detail. This funny comedy movie is all about having fun & enjoying yourself. One more thing about this movie gets you hooked in the first 15 minutes and that’s what makes it great.

The story revolves around Happy Singh, who travels to Australia to bring back his relative Lucky Singh, & his entourage, back home to their village in India. However, the story is multi-layered, as Happy Shing also attempts to reform those who have wandered off the path of goods. There is also a romantic angle to the film.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me.





Dhol Comedy Movie

Director: Priyadarshan

It’s a very funny comedy movie!!! The story is about 4 friends they are good for nothing and want to be rich all of an instant in all time without doing anything. They think they become rich if they are marrying a rich girl.

The Dhol movie’s plot might seem to be interesting but the movie has many flaws. Many scenes and part of the plot seem to be missing from the film, but acting overall is great especially “Rajpal Yadav”. His expressions will certainly make you laugh.

Movie Overall Rating 6/10 to me.


Kis – Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon



Kapil Shrma's Movie Screenshot

Directors:  Abbas Alibhai BurmawallaMastan Alibhai Burmawalla

This movie is a total funny comedy. I am an admirer of Kapil for his comedy shows on Sony TV & was eager to watch him in his first film.

And i found this film thoroughly funny enjoyable & even entertaining. It was the first-day second show & there was more than 80% occupancy. The movie was successful in generating a lot of laughter in all audience. You get more than your money’s and time’s worth.

Kapil Sharma rocks. He reminds me a bit of Govinda & for sure will go a long way if he does what suits him best which is funny Comedy. He delivers a great performance.

Movie Overall Rating 8/10 to me.





Welcome Screenshot

Director: Anees Bazmee

Welcome is a great funny comedy movie. Akshay Kumar and Co. stars manage to keep u in splits throughout. Katrina Kaif is looking as gorgeous as usual. Paresh Rawal fits his role to perfection, & Nana Patekar is shown in a strange role and does it amazingly. Anil Kapoor does succeed to manage to overact but is yet funny sometimes.

Welcome is a treat to watch a Bollywood masala movie with such a good level of situational funny comedy & the sort of creation of lite comedy all the time. Welcome is one excellent movie to watch with college friends or with family members.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me for his funny comedy.


Dulhe Raja



Dulhe Raja Screenshot

Director: Harmesh Malhotra

Dulhe Raja can be added as one of the funny comedy films of Hindi cinema. Govinda is one of the funniest actors in Bollywood at a time.

Johnny Lever is a comedy support in this Film & this means comic timing is fantastic of this movie. Kader Khan is a genius when it comes in comedy, he is one of Bollywood’s greatest supporting actors.

The outstanding sequence is a music & dance showdown between Kader Khan and Govinda – who knew the old man could shake & gyrate with the best of them!

Movie Overall Rating 7/10 to me for his funny comedy.






Director:  Rohit Shetty

Golmaal has an excessive amount of humor prepared to make just about anyone laugh. Although some authorities have said the performers do not fit their roles, i think there could be nobody better for them. Ajay Devgan has delivered a humorous yet brilliantly acted role. Arshad Warsi has once again performed a 100% laughable performance that simply keeps you watching this funny comedy movie.

The story is about Gopal, Madhav, Lakshman & Lucky are four useless youngsters who do nothing but eat, drink and chill. But due to their unpaid some loans to Vasulli bhai, they are on the run. They finish up at the mansion of a blind pair who think their grandson has shown up from America. Then starts, Golmaal.

Golmaal is full of talented actors, & All the actor’s performance to an equal level of competency.

Movie Overall Rating 8/10 to me for his funny comedy.


Deewana Mastana



Deewana Mastana Screenshot

Director: David Dhawan

David Dhawan has been made many enjoyable comedies in the 1990’, but this Film along with Aankhen best! In Deewana Mastana the story about 2 guys in love with the same girl(Juhi Chawla in this case) & how they try to outdo each other.

That what makes this movie is so enjoyable is the treatment and the terrific sense of comedy by both Govinda and even Anil Kapoor. Johny Lever is also very good and he gets a lot of scopes to perform and does well!

here are the most amusing and funny moments in the movie are when Satish Kaushik comes in as “Pappu Pegar” & boy, that is what people talk about after coming out of the cinema hall! Pappu Pegar’s dialogues had become quite successful back when the movie release in 1997 times.

Govinda shows what he can do when it comes to funny comedy & his “baby steps, baby steps” is just Awesome! Anil Kapoor matches Govinda steps easily in David Dhawan’s direction.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me for his funny comedy.


3 Idiots



3 Idiots funny movie Screenshot

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

3 idiots is a movie with a message(chase excellence success will follow you) without losing its sense of humor, a film about friendship & love, a movie about the flawed education system, a movie about unhealthy competition.

In this movie Aamir (what an actor he is!!!)is excellent as Rancho, Madhavan & Sharman are perfectly in sync(watch both of them in drunk scene), Kareena is OK, Boman played director’s character very well, Omi was top notch (watch Chamatkar \Balatkar scene), he is awesome.

Rajkumar Hirani’s gave ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi ‘in Munna bhai M.B.B.S.,’Gandhigiri’ in Lage Raho Munna Bhai & now he says ‘ALL IZZ WELL’ and believe me he is 100% right.

Dialogues: very funny comedy scene one is, Chamatkar \Balatkar scene is one of the best comic scenes I think.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me for his funny comedy.


Coolie No 1



Coolie no1 Screenshot

Director:  David Dhawan

Govinda is an awesome comedian & no-one can be better than him. He did a really great job in this movie and Raja Babu as well, I’m surprised that he can do funny comedy. I was just thinking that why he didn’t do funny comedy film in 1980’s until 1990’s but thanks to David Dhawan who directed both of films. David makes us laugh & enjoy to watch them.

Coolie No. 1 is one of the best funny comedy films of the decade, The movie also has a good story.

This film has been an important movie which laid a path for his successful career. His cracks best jokes along with the funny Kader Khan. His scenes with Shakti Kapoor are the best funniest scenes in this film.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me for his funny comedy.


Aakhiyon Se Goli Maare



Govinda Movie Aakhiyon se goli mare

Director: Harmesh Malhotra

Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare is a funny comedy about a father (Kader Khan as a father) who wants his daughter(Raveena Tandon as a daughter) to marry a gangster. But she is already in love with Govinda who is a really Nice guy.

So now if Govinda wants to save his love, he needs to impress Kader Khan by becoming a gangster. & so does the funny comedy’s begins as Govinda sets out to save his love.

Movie Overall Rating 8/10 to me for his funny comedy.






Pk Funny comedy Movie Screenshot

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

‘PK’ is the biggest achievement of Aamir Khan’s carrier & Raju Hirani’s too. Aamir acting & expressions deserve an Oscar. This movie has everything. Emotion, Drama, Comedy, Message which literally means perfection.

PK showed to the world that religion is not a property of people, instead, it belongs to everyone. PK also taught me that the best human being would be the one who serves humanity & not the one who is religious. Although the main story is somewhat similar to OMG, (Oh My God), it approaches the subject differently. The romance between Amir and Anushka did not add anything to the story. The development of the story was a little slow but it never got boring. The songs were intelligently made, especially love is a waste of time was the best.

I really appreciate the way Mr. Rajkumar Hiriani approached the subject. This movie shows that how to forget all the differences between us and live like human beings on this planet that we call home.

Comparing this movie with 3 idiots would not be fair as they both are totally different movies, with the different audience. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Definitely worth watching.

Movie Overall Rating 9/10 to me for his funny comedy.






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